Father’s Heart seminar

Participants of this seminar are invited to experience God’s fatherly love, His goodness, His forgiveness and His acceptance, to receive healing of their wounds and to become deeply rooted in their identity as God´s sons or daughters. This seminar is led by Robert and Vicki de Hoxar or the Slovak team. 

Father’s Heart weekend for families

This weekend seminar is adjusted in length and choice of topics. It focuses of the teachings for families with children, but individuals and single ones may participate as well. It is led by Robert and Vicki de Hoxar or the Slovak team. 

Homecoming retreat

At this retreat Father is inviting us to come and encounter His love, peace and security. So, this retreat invites participants to experience a time of rest and security in Father’s arms by bringing all of the burdens of life to Father. It is led by Jeff Scaldwell. 

Father’s Heart conference

At this conference participants spend a time of worshiping Father together, receive teaching about identity & the healing of hearts and experience as well a time of personal prayers. It is a time of repentance, reconciliation, fellowship and coming into unity in the church. One of the most important moments at the conference is the blessing of the city where the conference is taking place. 

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