The Father’s Heart seminar is led by Robert and Vicki de Hoxar or the Slovak team. 

Robert and Vicki de Hoxar

By ‘God’s coincidence’, a “Father’s Heart” seminar took place in a hotel owned by the Hoxars at that time. The experience of God´s love during that seminar has changed their course of life. Later, they themselves started to join this ministry and serve. Before coming to Slovakia, they had been teaching about Father’s love on seminars in several European countries. Currently, they spend 5 months of the year in Slovakia because they believe this nation is being transformed by Father’s love which is flowing through the Church. After 11 years of ministry in Slovakia, Father is again opening the door to Europe for them. You can meet them in the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Austria or Lithuania. They live in Great Britain close to Liverpool. They have been married for 44 years now, have three daughters and four grandchildren.

The Slovak Team

The Slovak “Father’s Heart” team was built up around Robert and Vicki de Hoxar. It consists of more than 50 people from different communities all over Slovakia: priests as well as uninitiated, married couples and single ones, too. People who had been drawn to the seminar out of their own thirst and hunger for Father’s love, were filled with His love and now want to be themselves the well of His living water. The Slovak team cooperates and ministers together with the Hoxars, but some of the seminars are led by the Slovak team only or in cooperation with the Czech Father’s Heart team. 

Jeff and Sylvia Scaldwell

Jeff and Sylvia are a married couple from Milton Keynes, a town in England. They have three beautiful daughters with families of their own. They have been involved in full-time ministry for more than 16 years now. They took on Father Heart Ministry in 2004 after encountering the revelation of the Father Heart of God. It was through the teachings of Jack Frost and Jack Winter that they got in touch with this revelation for the first time. From that moment on, they had become passionate about seeing whole Europe healing by this revelation of Father’s unconditional love. You can meet them on seminars across Europe, especially in the Balkans, Finland, Czech Republic and from time to time also in Slovakia. See more: